My bucket list

I don't remember from where but I did this website describing stuff some person introduced as the list of things everybody shoud do before die. Seeing them, I've decide to come up with my own bucket list of what  I wanted to do and I did,  ones that I'm working on right now,  and ones that I;m still looking forward to..

1. Go to the coutry that I had never been yet (2011) (Sweden and 22nd World Scout Jamboree - lool here for polish note for this event and here1 here2 for the pics!)
2. Visit USA (seems like long time aga - September 10th 2007. I decided for the first time to take part in au pair program. Here I am my first picture of me on American ground I've took at the JFK Airport.)
3. Visit all neighbours of Poland ..started
- Germany
- Czech Republic
- Słovakia
- Ukraine
- Byalorus
- Lithuania
- Russia
4. Cross Baltic Sea
5. Cross an ocean (or fly over the ocean)
6. Swim in the Ocean
- Pacific Ocean
- Atlanntic Ocean

- Arctic Ocean
7. Go skinny-dipping in the ocean/sea at night
8. Become a scout instructor
9. Take a pic with Statue of Liberty

10. Go to California
11. Walk along Golden Gate Bridge

12. See and take a pic with Hollywood sign
13  Spent New Year's Eve in New York City
14. Visit Miami and the Florida State
15. Go to Las Vegas

16. Won some money in Las Vegas Casino
17. Be in the Death Valley
18. Be in Yosemite National Park
19. Be in Yellostone Natonial Park
20. See, be and taka a pic in Niagara Falls

21. See White House
22. Go on the top of Washington Monument
22. See the Erie Lake
23. Visit Chicago

24. Visit New Orleans
25. Visit the Texas State and see a Ranger
26. Visit Alabama State
27  Be in Grand Canyon
28. See Mount Rushmore
29. See Kosciuszko House in Philadelfia
30. See the Amish country
31. Be at the Harvard Univerity

32. Be in Seatle and have a sleepless night
33. See Missouri River and sing about the river there
43. See the Arlington Cementary
44. Be at Pentagon

45. See and be in in of the Madame Tussauds' Museum
46. See and touch an alligator
47. Be on American Cowboy Ranch
48. Be in Native American Reserveation
49. Spend a night on the island with no electricity
50. Take a pic in Alcatraz Prison
51. Drive in yellow Taxi in New York City
52. See and take pic with huge sequoia tree

53. See Monument Valley
54. Have a walk in Central Park
55. Eat American Steak
56. Eat true American hamburger
57. Be at crazy American Party

58. Visit a party in the gay club
59. Fly in the airplane
60. Fly in the hot-air baloon
61. Drive in limosuine
62. Fly in helicopter
63. Parachute jumping
64. Skuba diving
65. Bungee jumping
66. Ride a roller coaster
67. Cruise on the ship/jacht
68. Travel on the Zawisza Czarny ship
69. Whitewater rafting
70. Go on the World Scout Jamboree
71. Raise a succesor for the scout leadership
72. Go on the world scout Jamborre with my scout team
73. Have a Bachelor's Degree
74. Get married (September 10th 2016)

75. Move out to own place
75. Build own family - have a baby - in progress
76. Buy own car
77. Visit USA for the second time
78. Visit Boston for the second time
79. Take a cross country road trip
80. Ride on a Camel
81. Have a pernament tattoo

82. Travel somewhere by hitch hiking
83. Travel and coachsurf

84. Learn to cook some new dish (in 2012)
85. Visit a coutry that I've had never been in yet ( in 2012)  May 11-15 ---> Austria
86. Visit USA for the third time.  (after the weeding as honeymoon - September 2016)

87. Eat crabs
88. Travel by train without a ticket

89. Set foot on each of all continents ...started
- Europe
- North America
- South America
- Asia
- Africa
- Australia and Oceania
- Artactica
90. Eat a shark meat
91. See a performance in Broadway
92. Spend Independce day (4th of July) in USA
93. Go to Hawaii
94. Go to Alaska
95. Go to India
96. See a bear
97. Learn different and hard langueage at basic level
98. Get  to know 10 new people (in 2012 - 54th Scouts Swiętokrzyskie Trail)
99. Visit Ameriqua in Mexico
100. Visit Graciela in Equador

Some other goals I've done or will do inspired by Crazy things (I've have 43/107 of them done :D):
101. Jump of high cliff into the ocean
102. Water skiing
103. Ride a motorcicle
104. Spend a night sleeping under the stars
105. Throw a snowball at someone
106. Build an Igloo
107. See Nothern Lights
108. Built a giant sandcastle
109. Hike Inka Trail in Peru
110. Kiss a total stranger
111. Go on the blind date
112. Go to a strip-club.
113. Have a pic with some celebrity
114. Watch the sun rise
115. Watch the sun set
116. Learn to play an instrument
117. Build own website.
118. Write a book
119. Eat something that's alive
120. Sent message in the bottle
121. Dance in the pooring rain

And some more:
122. Achieve goal in CCAP (2012 - July 22nd!)
123. Go to MOOT Canada 2013
124. Go on Word Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015 -
125. Get a kiss in the pooring rain
126. Get thrown to the pool with my clothes on - ( June/July 2012-even twice hahaha)
127. Watch fireworks
128. Sit on the roof with somebody
129. Go to Bieszczady!
130. Be in two places at once
131. Play spin the bottle
132. Reactivate aikido trainning
133. Experience the earthquake
134. See a volcano
135. Have a job that I will enjoy doing
136. Have a wish come true
137. Make someone wish come true (1st of June 2012 - Maja become one of the huge family of scouts and made a scout promise)! ahhh DEFINETELY ONE OF MY FAVOURITE!!! :):):)
138. Live my dream instead of dreaming my life
139. Live in other country for at least one year
140. Build a tree house
141. Learn to ice skate
142. Get in touch with one old friend and stay in touch (in 2012)...ongoing
143. Have a tea party
144. Run in marathon
145. Have a movie marathon
146. Paint a room
147. Go to Spain
148. See rodeo
149. Visit Bermuda Triangle
150. Conquer a fear
151. Jump off the bridge
152. Swim/play in th a public fountain
153. Buy an Ipad
154. Walk across frozen lake
155. Catch a firefly in the summernight
156. See all Natural Wonders of the World ...started
157. Learn horseback riding
158. Go to Octoberfest
159. Smoke cuban cigar
160. Witness solar eclipse
161. Write a letter to at least 3 friends to let thenm what they mean to me
162, Learn to play a new musical instrument
163. Try vegetarianism for at least 21 days
164. Fold 1000 origami cranes and give it to someone....ongoing
165. Go snorkeling
166. Fly a kite
167. Fly first class
168. Learn sign language
169. Do a pic each day for a year
170. Grow my own herbs for cooking
171. Have a kitchem of my dream
172. See ancient ruine in Rome
173. Walk in the desert
174. Witness a metheor shower
175. Sleep in hammock
176. Write a letter of secrest wishes to myself
177. Open the letter after 5 years
178. Watch my husband plant a tree in front ot the house
179. Plant other tree next to the above at leave there or the work troubes before stepping into the house
180. Save somebody's a life
181. Buy something from the survivor store... anything with the show sign
182. Have a collection of at least 101 crystall balls from all over the world
183. Climb on Giewont Mountain
184. Be on a (romantic) date that you will never forget
185. Make a cloth completed by myself
186. Do not forget a hanger for a scout uniform each time I'm going somwhere longer, try it for 5 straight times.
187. Make the 'hanger thing' a habit
188. Create a board game all by myself
189. Cross out at list 9 things from my bucket list in 2012
190. Buy and read two books about/with different photography styles a year (2012)
191. Buy a lamp for my camera
192. Teach somebody else something usefull
193. Buy and read one book about/with different photography styles a year (2013)
194. Refresh Spanish language
195. Bake a cake for somebody special
196. Figure out what I want to have on my right calf
197. Brake a law to help a friend
198. See a falling star
199. See a falling star with somebody and have the same wish
200. Have my secret 3 dreams come true.
-a done (from passion)
-b (from simplest life)
-c (from extreme) some more that I would rather not share in public but there are some people that know or even take art in!


Angela said...

też mam swoją listę, ale Twoja jest o wiele bardziej rozbudowana:D

Barszczyk said...

;) ... tak wzieło jakoś na dodatkową setkę ;p

Roma said...

Ooo... Widzisz Barszczyku, takie niewinne spełnienie mojego marzenia i kolejny goal :**

Barszczyk said...

:) cóż może byćlepszegojak spełniać się spełniając marzenia innych? :)

Marta K said...

Ja tez chce jechac na Jamboree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ka said...

Zmobilizowałaś mnie do stworzenia własnej listy. Dziękuję! Jesteś wspaniała. Nawet nie wyobrażasz sobie jak wiele (prawdopodobnie nieświadomie) mnie uczysz :)

olasia said...

Ojaaa, też byłam na Jamboree w Szwecji! :-D

Barszczyk said...

Ale czad, że byłaś w Szwecji na Jambo! Jako Ist czy zastępowa czy jak?

Barszczyk said...

Daj znać jak ją stworzysz, A ja zrobięniedługo posta gdzie skręślę przec Ciebie moje 192!