Friday, June 29, 2012

Visit at the radio

OK, I finaly figure out how to put my huge audio file with the radio audition into my blog. The 2hours program run so fast. I could said so much more about the program, my knowledge and bet of all - my experience, but the program frame didn't let me.

The most funny part was the fact that it seems that I speak so much slower and more clearly in the radio and that's why my friends were amazed hahahha... ohh well ;p my opinion I had times when I completely lost what I wanted to say and still there so much more to work on as far as my ability of speaking :/

Paulina ( radio presenter) already asked me for another visit after my current visit and being au pair so I guess that was the last time!

here is the link to 2-hours radio program with me (in Polish - but maybe if I will fin some time i wil make the English transcript for it) ...stay tuned I am still workingon a better way to put the audio for free in the blog (any ideas how t do so?)

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