Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My host dad a USA hero!

Capitol Police Rescued Baby From Third Street Tunnel 
"As the Third Street Tunnel was evacuated due to a bus fire Monday morning, a baby became locked inside a vehicle, but U.S. Capitol Police were there to help.
Capitol Police officers were nearby when the call went out for an explosion in the tunnel. A military-owned school bus being towed caught fire because of an apparent mechanical failure.
Initially, authorities turned motorists around inside the tunnel so they could drive out the other direction, but once drivers toward the back started abandoning their cars and taking their keys with them as they avoided the smoke, everyone left inside had to leave their vehicles behind.
That included a mother who accidentally locked her baby and her keys inside her vehicle.
An officer managed to bust out a window to get the child and return it to the mother.
That officer and two others received treatment for smoke inhalation at area hospitals."

Can you believe this article is about Mike, my host dad? He a true man of his proffesion (police officer). This one is only an artcicle, however, Kristy had made a video of Mike being interviewed.

>>>TV news<<<

You're awesome Mike!


1. There was a fire.If you think it was a fire of the TUNNEL save 9th word after the quotation, if you think it was a SCHOOL BUS save the 4th word after the quotation.
2. Who locked accidently the baby in the car? MOTHER(click here) or FATHER(click here);
1. Był pożąr,.Jeślil uważasz,że był to pożar TUNELU zachowaj 9te słowo po cytacie, jeśli uważasz, że to był AUTOBUS SZKOLNY zachowaj 4th słowo po cytacie..
2. Kto przypakowo zamknął dziecko w samchodzie? MATKA(click here) czy OJCIEC(click here);

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blog's posts duplicates - help me!

Can you how everything is copied twice on the bottom of my blog? Did you have such a problem at any time? I was trying everying and the only thig I was able to do was to put the duplicates on the bottom of my blog to on the side bar - damn it!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time runs to fast!

It is almost end of May and I am full work with my studies and exams, family, scouts and my many aplications for my job... It seems like never ending story!
Dear aplicants: please keep in mind your aplying for the work as au pair not a model ;D

My next information meeting?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The bucket list

Well I think everybody should have one like THAT. There are too many thingd that stop being awesome and become just ordinary after we manage to do them... and then we forget about them - how happy we were while experiencing them. Also, telling somebody alse about your goals is a great motivation!