Monday, December 27, 2010

Time passing...

heh... well it was a long long long time since I was writing in here. And as you can image a lof had happen during this time. I am back in my home country Poland; I have finished my Bachelor Degree studies of English Filology and now I am at the Warsaw University trying to do my Master Degree; I came back to my scauting life but with quite more responsible role: now, I am the scout leader of a new born Scouts Group - 9 Drużyna Wędrownicza "Świętokrzyskie Anioły" (9 Rovers Troop "Swietokrzyskie Angels") and what to say? I'm lovin' my new role and all my Angels!

I thought I won't come back here but as I did I will try to make some updates step by step in my future posts.

The thing that made me come back here was one little picture that I had made today:

This picture reminds me what once Kristy said about memories: that they are bright and all good only when happen not long ago, as time is passing the memories start to blur a little bit, lose some parts and we start have new king feelings about them (even if unwillingly). It is like on this picture: here we have some cut fruits, that lost their color, their shape, freshness and for sure are not any more in one piece. They might still look great and make beautiful composition but now they are only dry.
So as much as I will find some time I will try to retrieve some of those memories that I don't forget about in few years from now and will keep writing about those are just about to happen. (Hopefully I won't make you bored).