Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cowboy hat

Casey and his hat:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Snow Snow...

It is January 27th, snow that you actually can play with, finally came to us. I took boys twice outside to play wih the snow today. It was two totally different interraction with snow each times.

During the first time Casey did enjoyed snow...

...Mason on the other hand, well, he wasn't so excited about it. To be honest, the snow makes him just scream.

Although, there was his brother to make him feel better.

Unfortunately, nothing worked at that time and we had to go back home: playing. eating. napping and playing.

Right before I put Mason for his nap I had noticed first, since I am in Maryland, snowplow. That is so funny that to see one in here I had to wait almost 17 months, when in Poland, at that time of the year, you can see many of them DAYLY! Of course, I still remember that actually I hate snowplows!!! - or rather, the snoplow drivers who did not care at all for people on the sidewalks, covering them with huge avalanche of (often) wet, dirty snow!!!

After both guys woke up and played for a little bit, time for check out the snow again had come.
We (ok maybe me) made a snowman. As you can see below, it appear really good considering that it was only about 8 inches tall (20cm) and all hat, hands, buttoms, nose, mouth and eyes were made with leaves.

Anyway, I heard Casey saying 'pretty' 'pretty' by himself many times and have to say that to hear something like that from a little boy for who that snowman was made was more than owesome:):):):)

Casey had so much with throwing snow up in the air.

Even Mason enjoyed the snow this time.


Ok, he might feel a little unsure...
...but after all he had smile on his face and dance in his feet.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The boys

CASEY - as most boys, loves to explore... One day after going for his nap, but before falling asleep, decided to open one of the closets in his bedroom. He found there a little bottle of purple paint color and, as you can see. colored himself as well as the floor, closet door and bed sheets. You can only imagine my reaction when I came in to his room after his nap. Everything was completely dry already. The color had never came out from the carpet, door, sheets or Casey's clothes. As for Casey, it took me a very long hour, with a bath in the middle of the day, to take that color out of his poor skin and hair.

MASON - as most boys, loves horses... One day. or rather every single day, he climbs and sits on the rocking horse, imitates horse sound and swings his body forward and backward. Usually he dies that with so much power that everybody are afraid that hi s going to fell of the horse.

video video

Another day....
...zoom, zoom, riding in the cart.

Ice skating