Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That is owesome!!!

Just watch this!

By the way: tomorrow I'm going to Washington DC for 2008 World Tour of Gymnastics Superstars - I'm so exited! :D:D:D

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween and me as The Joker!

HALLOWEEN - "I believe whatever doesn't kill makes you stranger!" :D

As I had written in previous post The Joker become my idea for Halloween. (And as you can see it turned pretty well)

Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun...

And the Polish Girls...
Pauline - our 'fresh' au pair from France:)

Halloween? - It is all about the witches;)
New (Brasilian) Superman;)

My LCC Erin, Ula and me.

Miodzio....:D (Honey;))

With my friend Graciela.

As the most terryfying character at teh party I won the challenge!!! :D

The best part was that everybody wanted to take picture with Barszczyk's The Joker;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Next good movie on my list! Last weekend I watched 'Eagle Eye' - thriller directed by D.J. Caruso. It is about a race-against-time starring Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton. Jerry Shaw (LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel into a series of increasingly dangerous situations--using the technology of everyday life to track and control their every move. As the situation escalates, these two ordinary people become the country's most wanted fugitives, who must work together to discover what is really happening--and more importantly, why? Here you can watch Trailer of that movie. This movie really keeps your attension!

I should wrote I have two great movies on my list: during vacation in Delaware I watched other movie called 'August Rush' - a drama directed by Kirsten Sheridan. Tells the story of a charismatic young Irish guitarist (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and a sheltered young cellist (Keri Russell) who have a chance encounter one magical night above New York’s Washington Square, but are soon torn apart, leaving in their wake an infant, August Rush, orphaned by circumstance. Now performing on the streets of New York and cared for by a mysterious stranger (Robin Williams), August (Freddie Highmore) uses his remarkable musical talent to seek the parents from whom he was separated at birth. And Trailer of movie. It is really gread story and everybody who things music is not only killer of silence will enjoy it!

As I am writing about movies I have to stop to the new 'Batman' movie called 'The Dark Knight' (trailer)

Directed of course by Christopher Nolan. Why that because that movie? Well, it is a good movie but what keep my I on it is one of the character - Joker (Who will become my idea for hallowen costume). It is the last whole role of Health Leadger who died on January this year. We will see his last movie 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' next year - because that movies wasn't done before he died 3 actors (Jonny Deep. Collin Farellel and Jude Law) agried to finished Ledger's work and played Tony (Ledger's character) to the end of it. It was already a great actor and had only 28 years old.

Not long ago I read an article about Scream Awards 2008 (the event that honors the best in comics, fantasy, Sci-fi and horror). 'The Dark Knight' was gigant-winner there (12 awards).
Two of them went to H. Leadger:
>> The Best Actor In Fantasy Movie or Tv Show ("(...) Terrifying. Brilliant. The Joker is no joke.");
>> The Best Villain ("(...)His chilling performance as a terrifying clown may have spawned a thousand imitators, but there’s only one Joker.")
> Plus one award for The Best Line, which appeared The Joker's words: "I believe whatever doesn't kill you makes you stranger!".

There was a long discussion under article (as well as here) about future Oscars awards in 2009 and giving Halth Ledger the Oscar for The Best Supporting Actor . Many people said that he should not get it because he is dead, but should we think that way? In my opinion not - I will keep my fingers crossed for The Joker! As I read on moviefone website: "(...)Ledger's final completed performance has been the subject of posthumous Oscar buzz since before 'Knight' opened -- and half a billion dollars later, the Ledger Oscar train is full-steam ahead. No actor this year has disappeared so completely into a character; he's created one of the most horrifying, haunting, formidable villains ever."
Health Ledger was an actor who even with so short carrier should have an Oscar in 'pocket'. Just look back at titles like:
- '10 things I hate about you' - e.g. singing that song
- 'The Patriot' here see some pictures
- 'A Knight's Tale' - it is funny production
- 'Brokeback Mountain' (I guess everybody remember him from at least this 2005 movie)
- 'Casanova' olus I really like that interview
What to say more... it was great actor - I wish he could be still alive. In the end I will post a link to the part of his last interview after the movie 'I'm not there'. I'm looking forward to see that movie as well as the 'Candy' and his last 2009 movie.

OK - I guess nobody will have no doubt in that Heath is/was my favourite actor:D

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger - April 4 1979-January 22 2008 [*] [*] [*]

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

What should be the first thing that apprear in your mind if somebody ask you abot Fall in America? - Of Course: Pumpkins!

There so much fun especialy for kids during Fall. The can 'hunt' pumpkins and color them. And it so cool to see so many pumpkins at once - everything looks all orange.

Here Kristy took kids and me to at Homestead Gardens for Fall Festival.

Casey had lots of fun in a Straw Maza (you can see more pictures of it in Kristy's blog)

Little (or rather BIG) Mason loves to pretend that pumpkins are drums - he tapped all of them.

There werepumpkins everywhere...

Casey tried to pick up and bring home the biggest one, but it appreared to heavy for him.

videoBut it was fun anyway:):):)

Friday, October 24, 2008

White House Garden Tour - Washington DC

And behind me the tree planted by Reagan

White house and me in front of it.
Rose Garden and Saucer Magnolias planted by John F. Kennedy.
Behind the fountain White Oak planted by Herbert Hoover

Time for relax... ;)

Did you know that The White House includes: six stories and 55,000 ft² (5,100 m²) of floor space, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, twenty-eight fireplaces, eight staircases, three elevators, five full-time chefs, a tennis court, a (single-lane) bowling alley, a movie theater, a jogging track, a swimming pool, and a putting green? And it receives about 5,000 visitors a day?
White house hidden behind Cedar of Lebanon (Jimmy Carter)

'Children's Garden'

'Little' Washington Monument
ok... maybe it is big.

yes,it is huge Monument - 555 feet 5.5 inches (169.3 m) in height - is the tallest structure in DC.
And can helpypu while you tired;)

I tried to move it but it was too heavy.
Let's fly...

I have to come back there and actually buy that hat (it's cute)

Capitol Building Reflecting Pool

United States Botanic Garden

The Capitol Buiding
It had to be really cool to actually work in here - and know sb who does:D

Library of Congres
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.


1. What is the name of current US President? BARACK OBAMA (save the word 'you' or GEORGIE W BUSH (save the word 'we')
2. Every US President after his election plants a TREE(click here) or a BUSH(click here) in the W House gardens;
1. Jak ma na imię obecny prezydent USA? BARACK OBAMA (zachowaj słowo 'you') czy GEORGIE W BUSH (zachowaj słowo 'we')
2. Każdy prezydent USA po wybraniu go zasadza DRZEWO(click here) czy KRZAK(click here) w ogrodach Białego Domu;