Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rehoboth Beach

Here some other pictures of our vacation from Kristy or me.

Ocean looked cool and was cool too...

Run Casey! Run!

There was so great weather on Sunday

...but later it started to be very windy


yey. so much sand that was such fun for boys...

Another day wind was so strong and waves so high that ocean covered whole beach.
See below water is almost reaching the fence.

The white foam from the waves covered whole beach sand well as my feet.

and Casey's feet too
On a desert island?


It was much too much rain and wind on Thursday - it was just nicer to stay at home.

And there was lots cool things about being in the house...

videoThursday was also the bad day for Casey - he got sick. With his fever at sleepless night decision for going home ealier was easy.

And now... it is Friday last day we've spend on the beach.

Considering that my camera stopped working properly that day (it took pictures but the screen was whole white so I didn't know at all how the picture that I'm taking looks like) I can say that all those pictures appeared to be not bad.

As you might remember a day before there was still sign in the middle of that black 'thing' but it was cast away by strong waves.

The last look...