Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boston - Cambridge

I'm posting my picture from the trip but I will describe it later so stay tuned!

Saturday evening and I'm in Boston (North Station).

Massachusetts State House

Follow that red line and You will see most importat things to see.

Worls War II Memorial.

video video

Scout girl found scout boys.... :D

Harvard University

Our Harvad tour lider (current student of Harvard University)


Paul Revere House

Lunch in Harvard Yard (the heart of University)

Cambrigde - and Charles River


1. How many scouts  have I met during my  trip to Boston? 6 (save the word 'make') or (7 save the word 'do')
2. Have I been in Boston Chinatown? YES(click here) or NO(click here)?;
1. Ilu skautów spotkałam w podczas mojej wycieczki do Bostonu? 6 (zachowaj słowo 'make') czy 7( zachowaj słowo 'do')
2. Czy poszłam do Bostońskiego Chinatown? TAK(click here) czy NIE(click here)?;