Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking in Friday

Last Friday I went to my my friend to exchange our pictures. On my way back the terrible storm had began - I was driving 25miles/h and the visibilty was aroung few metres -It was terrible! Because that evening we had house showing I stopped in Graciela's house. Her host parents went out to the movie theatre, I decided to give pictures to Graciela, when she was during taking a bath with Addi. Just after she had finished she releasted that she has no milk for Addi so we went to the store. Wheh we came back Graciela noticed that she didn't took her keys. Unfortunately fo us and poor little Addi all doors around the house were closed. And what to do in such situation? A noticed another door on... balcony. As Graciela was sure that those door will be open, I climbed barefoot on a slippery balcony and do not open the door - because they were closed as others. The balcony was much to slippery to go down and don't brake myself anything. Graciela decided to go to Addi's aunt who lives not so far away to find a way for help. It was almost 9PM and I was bored waiting for 'rescue', and I noticed 'that'.A small little window next to the doors. It appear to be a Bathroom window. Unfortunately it was covered with the shede protected from bugs trying fly into the house. But didn't stopped me from trying to break in to the house. I took out the shede pull up the window but there was something more: another thing covering the window (thi time to protect to be visible from outside what is happening inside the bathroom. Even that didn't stop me: I opened that little door somehow with a pin from my hair (don't ask me how I did it because I have no idea). Now the way through the bathroom was clear, I climbed on the barbeque stove and slided into tha bathroom froor (which wasn't so easy considering how small that widow was. Yes finaly I BROKE INTO Graciela's house!!! When I had called Graciela to tell her the news she was so happy and thankful. Graciela told whole story her host parents and the next day when I come to Graciela thay hugged me were so greatful for braeking in their house. Can you imagine? That can happen only in AMERICA;)Good that no from neighbours did not see me (if thay did they would call police seeing a strange person sliding through the window) - such a relief.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Casey The Builder

Casey has his new favourite video - Bob The Builder. Last Tuesday, just after he had watched an episode name 'Lofty's shelter' Casey decided to build his own shelter.

He took his hammer and...

with a little help from my side we did IT!!!

...and Casey has his own shelter.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Visit in Balromore - one more time:)

This time only for of us went: Graciela (Equador), Arely (Mexico), Marie (Argentina) and me

(Baltomore HardRock Cafe)

GG's 93th Birthday

Yesterday I went with my family to Anna's house to celebrate Casey's great Grandmother 93th Birthday. Kristy, boys and me went to the beach, as you can see on movies and pictures, Casey really enjoyed the warm water.

He even try to feel the water on his face (see video below)
video After we had come back from the beach it was time for boys to take their naps. Kristy took Casey and Mason stayed with me. He slept in my arm in a posision of 'the frog'. But look how sweet he looks:
At the party we had a lot stuff to eat (whole Anna - always more food then anybody can eat)

Both Casey and Mason enjoy time there with toys

or my brancelets...

Another evening with girls

This friday I went to Janine's house - her family has a swimming pool in front of their house, so we could enjoy it:)

Later we decided to eat some chinese food and watch some movie.

We chose 'The holiday', a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

An ordinary day

On Thursday I took boys for a walk - of course Mason is such a cute baby (he even help me hold a stroller)Had I ever told that you can met squirrels here averywhere?
And every time I am on a walk with boys I see that car which looks exactly like my parents' car in Poland...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Arlington National Cemetery

Last Sunday girls and I went to Arlington National Cemetery - best knownof more then one hundred national cemeteries in the USA. Arlington's green slopes shelter veterans from every war that has involved the nation.
President John F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy, the President's brother, Attorney General, and Senator

Arlington House, restored memorial to Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Memorial to the crew of the space shuttle Challenger/ColumbiaTomb of Unknown Civil War Dead, remains of 2,111 Union soldiers.
Nurses Memorial, Spanish-American War to the present.
Confederate Monument, marking a section for burial of Confederate soldiers

Equestrian statue o Sir John Dill, British Field Marshal. WWII