Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Casey!!!




...we are doing great mamma!!!

Casey is 2 years old since today! (Ohh God, it means that I am 11 times older then he;) )

Kristy flight this week to Albuquerque in New Mexico for her work. She left Mason with me as well as Casey so I have both boys to take care all day long. Mason is doing amazing! He is not fussing at all. Yesterday he took 3,5 h nap in the mornig (aleepy baby) ant today he woke up at 5am (early bird baby). Casey woke up today at 6am (second early bird). He starts saying whole 'more banana' instead of only 'nana' and than 'more'; as well as 'Hi geee!' ('Hi Mason' in Casey's language).

Today was 72*F/23*C tempreture here in Arnold. I'm wondering, how hot it must be in the middle of summer?

What we were doing today in such warm day?

...Of course we were having great time.

Sometimes in the house...:


Sometimes outside...:

- on swings,



- and on the hammock too

But the greatest time in the world is time for lunch!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

That was really hot day and really long one too.
We walk and walk and walk and sun was with as.
After whole day we end as three red Polish girls. Our traveling begins with Chinatown.

On our way to White house we cross the Freedom Plaza

And here is WHITE HOUSE

Isn't the Washington Monument tall?

World War II Memorial

and a little bit relaxing

Lincoln Memorial

Juz na terenie koncertu - teraz tylko to czekanie. No wlasnie koncert mial sie rozpoczac o 6 my weszlysmy o piatej a osttecznie rozpoczal sie o 8. No ale ine mam tego zlego co by na dobre nie wyszlo - ta drzemka przed budynkiem capitolu;)

i oto nasze spalone buzki

As you can see 'no many people' change into crowd.

Waiting waiting and waiting on o a Metro Station

That was long time on New Carrollton Metro Station. Last Saturday Marta and Ola (both from Poland) came to visit me from Vermont. They called me when they had landed on the airport in Washington DC that they are on theri way to the metro. I left house to pick them up from the last metro station. I was waiting and waiting looking for them after every train came to the station but I haven't seen them. It was over one hour and i totally stop looking for them - I just hoped that they will get there (I couldn't call them because they didn't have cell phones). Finaly they did come!

We went to one restaurant in Annapolid Dowtown and then I took them to Naval Academy. We came back after midnight and went straight to bed - next day Washington DC was waitinf for us.!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What hapens in Vegas

Last Friday in cinemas had been playing 'What Happens in Vegas' and of course me and my friends went to check it.

Cameron Diaz as Joy McNally and Ashton Kutcher as Jack Fuller
are main actors in this movie. What I can say more: It's pretty cool comedy:)

Here you can see the trailer but just trust me: Go and see it is really nice comedy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Playing together

This Monday Patricia came to my house with her boy to play together. It was extremely sleepy day for Casey. It was 8am and he was still sleeping so I decided to woke him up. He wanted to go for nap before 12 and after 4pm he was still sleeping - so I woke up him AGAIN that day. Kristy was gone for whole previous week for her work so I had only Casey to take care of (OK maybe Casey and Mike ;)) - That was sleepy day for Casey and pretty lazy day for me :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Scavenger Hunt 2008 - Washington, DC

Yeah, that was great time - maybe a little rainy but great
Our first stop was the metro stop in New Carrolloton, from where we got to Federal Center Metro stop in DC

There were hundreds of people only waiting for The Scavenger Hunt to begin.

Of corse we made
A LOT OF pictures!

The Hunt began at 1030

We've got 5 people for our team and girls pick me as our team leader
- we had answer couple question
- and find many wird stuff to win

Here you have exaples of some of them:

> Boarding pass for the airplane

> Golf tee

> Packet of ketchup

> Paper clip

> Panda

> Napkin with a fish on it

> Red Mickey Mouse Cros

> Red button

> Blue button

> Catnip Mouse

Unfortunately we didn't win but it was fun anyway. After the hunt had ended Graciela and me went to Flowers Gallery.

And after whole visit in DC we all went together for a dinner .

Last night with America (She flight away next day day at 8 am)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Repacking America's stuff

Our las weekend in Annapolis with America. on Saturday we went to Annapolis to Naval Academy.

Afterevenig in NA we went back to my house to repack Amarica As you you now she already had to much thing and now with her goodbye-presents she has them even more.
But we did it - finally she had only 3 suitcases and laptop (yeah she need pay for overweight baggage).